KCL provide full line of hydarulic pumps with high quality. It is the best solution for different hydraulic system.

Professional Hydraulic Pump Manufacturer!


Coolant Pump

– Water based or Soluble oil metal working fluids driven
– High pressure
– Long service life
– Special seal kits

Why KCL?

KCL is a professional developer and manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, the products include various types of high-pressure vane pump, low-pressure pumps, vane motors, variable pump, high-low pressure pump and solenoid valve. KCL manufacturing sophisticated, high quality pumps with high efficiency, low noise, and long life. They are widely applied in pressure & shear equipment, waste recycling equipment, and material transport and building equipment, oil exploration equipment, pulled touch casting, injection mold equipment, train track equipment, metal processing equipment, crane or lifting equipment, food industrial, textile mechanical, mine, offshore drilling equipment, etc.

We got the tools

Each pump made by KCL is prefect, long service life. Reduces your operation cost.

Certified Experience

More then 50 years experence on hydraulic system, we know how to make things correct.

Technical Support

KCL pump used widly in different application. We provide professional and experenced technical support.


We strive to efficiently develop quality pumps & Hydraulic equipments in order to meet our customer’s needs. We have committed to credibly build high standards in production and continue to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world.

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