P08 Painting Pump


P08 Painting Pump

P-08(PVS-08)piston pump is specially designed for painting machine, high pressure coating machine, putty spraying machine, road marking machine, cold spray road marking machine and other equipment. Strong anti-fouling power, special design can prevent the oil temperature of the fuel tank from rising, small size, high pressure and long life.

It can be interchanged with Fujitsu’s (PVS-0B-8). It is suitable for various spraying machines and marking machines such as GRACO, WAGNER, TITAN spraying equipment and so on.

P-08 advantages:

1、Can easily handle high-viscosity paint

2、Higher pressure (286bar), better atomization

3、Can work for a long time (24-hour work)

4、More able to withstand the arduous use environment

5、Long life, low maintenance cost, easy to repair

6、Run only when spraying is required. Suitable for a variety of spraying equipment

P08 widely used in various spraying equipment:

Auto Painting System


Spray Machine


Road Marking Machine