KCL launched KCH series

KCL launched new whisper vane pump: KCH series variable vane pump.

KCL  great flow whisper variable vane pump.
Compatable with Bosch Rexroth and Continantal.

KCH vane pump
Technical Specifications:                  KCH-8           KCH-75
Displacement                                    1 in3/rev.       10 in3/rev.
Flow at 1750rpm                                 7.57gpm      75.76 gpm
Maximum Continuous pressure      3000 psi         2500 psi
Maximum transient pressure          3800 psi         4000 psi
Maximum case pressure                   10 psi             10 psi
Speed range                                  1150-1800rpm    1150-1800rpm
Case drain flow  1000psi                  0.6 gpm       1.6 gpm
while compensating   2000psi         0.9 gpm       2.3 gpm
at 1800 rpm             3000psi          1.26 gpm      3.1 gpm